4 Musts for Selling! Tips for your Expired Listing Leads for a Quick Sale!

4 Musts for Selling! Tips for your Expired Listing Leads for a Quick Sale!

There are so many moving parts going into a home sale. For your sellers in Manhattan and Brooklyn who’ve already done this once, they might be wondering, “what now?” Whatever kind of seller you’re working with or the state of their home, here are 4 musts for selling that you can go over with each.

#1. Get the home move-in ready

Buyers want to walk in and immediately envision themselves coming home to this space. They want to make it their own, however, they also want to be able to see potential immediately. So work with your expired listings to get their house up to par. If it’s an older property and they’re unsure what all needs to be fixed, encourage them to get a pre-inspection. This way they’ll know where the problems lie that need to be fixed before they can sell.

#2. Hire a professional photographer for listing photos

While many sellers believe they can do the job with their phones or personal cameras, these just don’t cut it. Encourage your sellers that the investment in hiring a professional will pay off. Potential buyers doing initial research and browsing homes for sale on the internet look at the photos first. With so many properties, if the pictures are dim, lackluster or unprofessional, they will just breeze on by.

#3. Deep clean the whole house

This starts with decluttering. The best listing photos in the world won’t cover the fact that the home is overrun with clutter. Urge your expired listings to take the time out of their busy lives for this step. Have them remove all excess belongings and personal items. This includes piles of paperwork, kids’ drawings on the fridge or toys strewn about the house. If there are pets, the sellers need to remove all evidence of messes or odors. Then they’ll need to do a deep clean of the whole house to remove dust, dirt and stains. Buyers want to feel the openness and possibility when walking in, not the overwhelming evidence of the current owners.

#4. Don’t forget to market the home

A lot of the marketing strategies will be things you as the realtor work out together with the sellers. However, you want to encourage how important reaching all demographics of buyers is, especially millenials. Millenials are the biggest demographic out there buying homes today. Utilize social media and online resources to promote the home. Highlight any smart features the home has.

Working with expired listing leads is an exciting and lucrative way to grow your business. Use these 4 selling musts when working with these sellers to help simplify their to-do list and get the home ready to sell!

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