Hunting Down Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Hunting Down Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

The world of expired listings offers an exciting place to start growing your real estate business. Work with motivated sellers and expand your options to generate more revenue.

We’re here to help with maximizing your energy and valuable time and resources to achieve those goals. We offer a range of options to receive listing lead information as soon as it becomes available.

It may seem overwhelming at first to have to sift through all the expired listings to determine which ones to reach out to. Getting leads daily helps you prioritize and eliminates the time you would have to spend finding that information!

So the first step in expanding your business with expired listing leads is to get these daily listings.

Second, you reach out. Phone calls or emails right away are a good start. Be prepared by practicing scripts of what to say to these leads. And draft your emails and letter templates to more efficiently manage time. Then send these initial contacts out right away.

Stay organized to ensure you are contacting the leads in different ways at appropriate intervals to maximize your chances of them contacting you back. Follow up a call with an email or letter in the mail. Follow those up with another call, an in-person visit or postcard and email drip campaigns to get your information to them. The idea is not to smother the leads but rather to effectively demonstrate your ability and skill, your availability and interest, as well as your history and testimonials from past sales.

You want your information to be front and center when the listings feel ready to try selling again.

With our resources at your fingertips, start prospecting today to the many expired listings leads coming available each day in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Stay ahead of the curve in order to expand your business and revenue this summer.

*ExpLiMO provides high quality leads on a daily basis and offers a unique opportunity for Manhattan and Brooklyn real estate agents to prospect for expired listing leads and grow their business exponentially.