How To Take Great Listing Photos For Expired Listings

In order to refresh your expired listings in Brooklyn and Manhattan, take a look at the photos posted online. Perhaps the home isn’t selling because the potential buyers aren’t sold looking at the pictures, so let’s change that! It doesn’t take much to fix your listing photos, try using these 4 tips:

Use Natural Light

Natural light brings a warm, welcoming feeling into the home. In order to capture as much natural light as possible, schedule photos in daylight with the blinds and curtains open. 

Get The Right Angle

To get the most into your shot, try taking the photo from the corner of the room or from the door frame. This gives a better perspective to the buyer of what the room looks like in one shot. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you are shooting from a lower angle or eye-level. This ensures the vertical and horizontal lines within the room will not be distorted and maintain the balance of the room.


Put away the laundry, declutter the office, clean the mirrors. Basically, you want your home to be as spotless as can be! Imagine you’re getting ready for a house showing, don’t leave anything on countertops or out in the open. The less you have shown in your photo, the better.

Stage Your Home

While having fewer items in your home is better for pictures, make sure your listing photos aren’t of any empty rooms! Blank rooms don’t sell. This is one of the easiest fixes for your expired listings. Hire a staging company to come prepare each room and have a few pieces of furniture in each. This helps the prospective buyer with spacial awareness to better gage how each room will fit with furniture.

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