Marketing Strategies to Turn the Expired Listing in Manhattan or Brooklyn to Sold!

When homes and properties don’t sell the first time around, sellers are often worn out but also more desperate to get the job done and sell. Marketing plays a huge and important role not only in reaching out to these expired listings but also in successfully selling their home afterwards. After you’ve acquired the expired listing in Manhattan or Brooklyn, you’ll want to begin your marketing blitz to sell the property.

Printed Materials

When working to sell the expired listing’s property after you’ve gained them as a client, printed materials are vital to market the home or property. Professionally designed flyers, postcards and testimonials packets will go a long way toward reaching out. When something is designed well and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, we want to look longer and read more. It means you took your time and care about what you’re doing. Hang flyers to advertise for open houses, put postcards and material in mailboxes to spread the word about the home. And leave information on community bulletin boards as well.

Photos and Videos

Taking the time and expending the energy and expense of getting professional photos taken for the listing is a huge way to market that expired listing. Give it a fresh makeover and then highlight the best qualities with these photos. Go a step further and create a virtual tour to put online as well with the photos. Ensuring the house is spotless, staged and then captured is key!


Utilize the MLS to list the property and gain you the most exposure. Perhaps the previous real estate agent didn’t properly take advantage of this aspect. When listed correctly, you’ll get more eyes and clicks on the listing.

Social Media

Don’t miss out on this vital marketing platform in today’s world. Everyone is on some form of social media these days. Making a property for sale visible on social media is a no brainer. Use sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to reach even more potential buyers.

Put these marketing strategies to use for you today in your dealings with expired listings to sell the properties those Manhattan and Brooklyn successfully and efficiently.

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