How to Create a Successful Marketing Packet for Expired Listings in Manhattan!

What’s one of the best ways to reach out to expired listings in Manhattan? With a packet delivered in person or at least mail! You physically standing in front of the seller and telling them honestly what you’re about as an agent is a huge step that helps you stick in their mind. If not possible to go in person, send out an actual packet via mail detailing your past record, testimonials of other clients you’ve helped sell and clear ways to reach you. This packet will do wonders for your business. People want to know you are real, approachable, and willing to put in a bit of effort for them. This shows sellers that you’ll go the extra mile to help them sell their home as well.

Step 1: Gather Testimonials

In order to put together a packet with testimonials included, you’ll need to be gathering these. Keep a file so you have them from each sale. Make it a habit to record a quick video or audio file after each sale. You can transcribe the quotes afterwards but this is a sure way to capitalize on the excitement of the moment. It’s also easier than asking for a written testimonial from a seller, which is harder for people to remember to get to you.

Step 2: Prepare A Catchy Opening

What sets you apart from other agents who might also want to get this expired listing’s business? Talk about that right away. You could grab them with an especially specific quote from a testimonial highlighting what you’re about and how you helped sell their home. Or you could talk about what may have gone wrong right away. Don’t hold back. A lot of expired listings may hear “overpriced” a lot, but without blaming them or even bashing the previous real estate agent, what might have been standing in the way of a sale? Don’t be afraid to go there as these sellers will be tired from the process and need fresh inspiration to want to give it another go.

Step 3: Create A Professional Packet

Put the testimonials together with your past selling record, and clear ways to reach you such as websites, phone, email and social media. Create this packet in a way that shows you spent time and effort putting together a professional portfolio and indeed have their best interests in mind.

Step 4: Drop It Off Or Put It In The Mail

If possible, drop it off in person. Keep the conversation casual, low key but also specific and to the point. Tell them who you are in a nutshell, how to reach you and why you’re interested in the opportunity to sell their home.

Following these steps to create a packet to reach out to expired listings is the first step in growing your business through expired listings.

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