Marketing Strategies to Reach Expired Listings in Manhattan!


Marketing Strategies to Reach Expired Listings in Manhattan!

One of the greatest tools at our fingertips in today’s world is the internet. Most potential clients are using the internet to research possible real estate agents in Manhattan. It can be time consuming to maintain an online presence but it is well worth it. It will only increase the changes of those expired listings finding out about you and reading the reviews about you as well.

Cultivate an online presence through a website.

You’ll want to cultivate your website to be professional, easy to maneuver, and accessible to the random online searcher. Make sure it’s compatible with smart phones as well as computers as so many search from their mobile device. Invest the time to creating a professional design and then allot time each week to make sure your featured listings are up to date, you’ve written a blog or posted any other relevant material on your site.

Put a lead capturing method in place.

Don’t miss out on leads you may generate or gather by not having a tried and true way to capture those leads to follow up with them. If you don’t have a lead capturing method, at least make sure you’re checking in with potential leads who may have contacted you through your website.

Spend the necessary time on email marketing.

Email is one of the number one ways to market these days, as most of us check our emails daily if not multiple times a day. If you’ve found a lead for an expired listing, email can be a great way to contact them initially or follow up. Creating a template can help speed this process up. You can have a professional template ready and customize it for each lead with specific details about their listing to make it more personal.

Develop your social media outlets.

The best way to market yourself and your services is to post on social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post listings you’ve successfully sold as well as your marketing strategies and information about how to contact you. But even just posting a few times a week with any kind of information will help get your sites more traffic, thus increasing the chances of expired listings in Manhattan seeing your posts and becoming clients. Another great tool to using social media is hashtags. Using these may seem silly at first, but they will also only increase the traffic on your sites by linking your posts to others similar to it. That way if potential clients click the hashtag to see more, your posts will pop up.

Use these marketing strategies today to reach more and more expired listings in Manhattan and grow your business.

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