Dare to Stand Out: Get Expired Listings for Manhattan & Brooklyn

When marketing to expired listings, you have a lot to overcome. Primarily the seller’s disappointment with their past attempt and their jaded view of real estate agents. You have an advantage, however, to win them over to your side. And that advantage is you, your unique set of talents and abilities, and your past record.


1. How To Address A Seller’s Past Attempt To Sell

The seller is likely to be hesitant if not outright hostile towards the idea of attempting to sell again. They have been through the ringer, so cut them some slack and hear them out. They have literally just spent months on a massive undertaking only to have it come to nothing.

You’ll want to start to reassure them with your track record. This is a good time to create a testimonials packet to showcase how you’ve sold in the past. It’s a smart move to keep track of testimonials as you progress in your career. Record the sellers right after the deal closed when the excitement is fresh. You can go back later to transcribe them and create a professional and well-designed packet highlighting the best quotes.

This is also a great time to have available the facts of those past home sales. What did you do to market the property? How did those factors work to your advantage? Your record is your best friend to prove to this specific seller that your skills will indeed get the job done and help them move on with their life.

2. How To Address A Seller’s View Of Real Estate Agents

One last point to help you win the seller over is to point out why the last attempt failed. No need to drag the other realtor through the mud, however, you have something they don’t. And that is your own unique skill set. So tell the seller what exactly you would do differently. Perhaps the pictures of the house weren’t clear or there weren’t enough of the interior to highlight the selling points. Make your case for the marketing strategies you will improve.

Marketing to expired listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn will be easier using these tips to stand out!

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