Compromise is Key: Ways to Lock in the Expired Listing in Manhattan or Brooklyn

Each time you approach an expired listing in either Manhattan or Brooklyn, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. One of those considerations is compromise. These sellers are weary and disappointed. They are also highly skeptical to give it another go. Your job is to offer your skills and services to meet them where they are and sell their property. The thing about compromise is you both give a little. They may give in and decide to try again with you, but most likely you’ll need to offer them something first.

1. Add A Provision To Their Contract

One way to compromise and win over a seller is to offer to add a provision to the seller’s contract. This provision would stipulate that if the seller finds the buyer themselves and does the work of showing the property and following up ect., then they will have a reduced rate to pay. You can’t lose with this technique. You’ll both be working hard to find potential buyers and have a better shot of finding one soon!

2. Offer A Limited – Service Contract

Sometimes a seller may be so wary of the fees associated with hiring a real estate professional that they won’t list with you at all. However, one way around this one is again to compromise. Offer a limited-service contract where they’ll pay a much lower commission to you or a flat rate fee for minimal assistance. This way the ball is more in their court and they’d be required to do more work but would also pay less.

3. Meet The Seller Where They Are

You may have to do some convincing, some listening and some reaching out to prompt the expired listing to give it another shot with you as their realtor. That’s ok. It’ll be worth it to spend that extra time preparing a testimonials packet or meeting them in person to go over your plan to sell. Just remember, they need to feel they can trust you in order in put all that time and energy in once more.

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