Building Your Business in Manhattan through Expired Listings

If you’re a newly licensed real estate agent or just looking to further expand your current business, expired listings can be an excellent tool for you! There are hundreds of expired listings per year waiting to be capitalized on and turned to sold properties. Here are some great tips for landing those hard-to reach sellers of expired listings.


Lead Generation

Using a good lead generating tool or website to help you find those listings that have just expired is a great way to begin. Look for a site that gives you at least one method to contact the seller.

Focusing on older expired listings might be an advantage to you, as they may be more willing and inclined to give it another go. Listings that just expired yesterday might still be feeling the sting and also be wary of real estate agents.


Practice a script of what important points to hit on when first making contact with each seller. If you give them a call, there are some good scripts for a voicemail or if you reach the seller live. Don’t be afraid to practice for a while on a friend or spouse before reaching out so you can memorize the important points but not come across like a robot. Be real and fluid and interact with the seller as considerate agent but also treat them like a human being. They’re most likely frustrated at the whole process and may need to vent a minute. Don’t ignore that or shut it down but tell them that you hear their concerns.

Marketing Strategy

If you can see the old listing, take a look at the photos. How many and what’s the quality of the photos and do they showcase the house in a good light? If no, there’s prime opportunity for you here to make a great pitch to the seller. Perhaps the previous agent was rushed or inexperienced. But the photos and marketing of the house are crucial. There needs to be photos of the interior as well as exterior and the home needs to be staged or at least clean and then photos shot with enough light and at the right angles to capture it properly. You can make a case for this with the seller to help you get the listing.

Follow-up Calls

After reaching out by a phone call using a script, follow up! Whether it’s by email, another phone call or dropping a postcard in the mail, follow up and follow up again.

Being persistent, finding the leads fast and reaching out quickly will help you promote your business in Manhattan.

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