3 Ways to be Persistent in Marketing to Expired Listings in Manhattan today!

Expired listings have already been on the market and didn’t sell. You know these sellers are motivated to sell this time around. Expired listings are also plentiful. Going after these listings isn’t easy work but there is enough of it to really supplement your business. You can build up a lot more clientele and sales by investing time and energy into marketing to expired listings. Here’s 3 ways to be persistent!


Make First Contact, Don’t Wait!

You’ll want to utilize a tool to obtain the leads right as they become available. These tools will give you some form of contact information, usually at least a phone number. Make the call, don’t wait! As soon as that listing is expired, give the seller a call.

Don’t Try To Tackle Too Much, All At Once!

While it’s important to make that initial call and make sure the seller has your information and has heard a bit of what you can offer, it’s important not to get ahead of yourself. Building the trust and laying the groundwork to actually obtain that listing as a client, takes time. When you first reach out, you’re not trying to get the listing right then, but really only get a meeting with that seller. Thinking of it in steps like this will help relieve the pressure, help you pace yourself and not give up.

Follow-up And Follow-up Again!

The next few steps in the process are going to involve patience. You’ll need to keep reaching out (at reasonable intervals of time) with information that will help that seller know you are the right person to sell their home. Whether it’s email campaigns or a postcard detailing a past sale with testimonial make it professional, well-designed and to the point. You’ll also want to stay organized to make sure you know when you last contacted each potential expired listing lead so you don’t miss the next contact point. Calling to follow up after a meeting or after you dropped off a packet at their home will also help keep you fresh in their minds as well as letting them know you genuinely care about helping them.

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