WIN Expired Listings in Brooklyn and Manhattan

Once a listing has expired, realtors from all over Brooklyn and Manhattan will be contacting homeowners to sell their home. How do you stand out? Put the focus on the homeowner and make your offer personal and genuine in order to win expired listings.

Let the Homeowner Talk

Many times realtors come in with the same jargon, their wheels spinning a million miles an hour about how they KNOW they can sell the home and how they KNOW why it didn’t sell previously. This doesn’t allow any room for a conversation with the homeowner. Instead of running the conversation, take a step back and make room for the homeowner to give their perspective on the process of selling their home. Ask open ended questions to gain feedback from the homeowner as to what the experience was like and how they would like to see it improved. In order to win an expired listing, the homeowner has to believe that you are on their team.

Be Personal In Reaching Out

Put yourself in the homeowners shoes for a moment. If this were your home and it has already been on the market for months and has now expired, how would you feel? Would it be overwhelming to have numerous people contact you the same questions? In order to stand out from the everyday realtor, first you need to do your research on the home and bring your research to the homeowner. Show them you are invested in helping them. Write a letter, knock on their door for a conversation, be personal in reaching out. It’s easy to ignore a phone call from someone you don’t know but it’s harder to say no to someone who has taken time out of their day to hand deliver a letter explaining how they would like to assist in the selling of your home.

Check out our scripts on how to communicate with homeowners and what questions to ask in order to WIN expired listings. 

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