Staging Expired Listings

Perhaps your expired listing in Brooklyn or Manhattan has great potential but the buyers are biting. To change that and get more attention on your property, make sure the living room is staged to sell.

Typically the living room is the focal point of the entire house. This is generally the first room buyers will see as they walk into your expired listing and having it staged allows the imagination to see what furniture will look like in the room. Frequently, if a living room is not staged, buyers will wonder if their sofa will fit, what the best layout of furniture is, and if their wall decor will work in the space. 

For staging, it is important to remember to:

  •  Declutter the space. Take away personal items so the family can envision their knick-knacks in the room.

  • Neutrals sell. If you have furniture with a pattern, consider using slipcovers.

  • Utilize the whole space. Rearrange furniture in a way where people can sit and have conversations with one another instead of only having the room set up towards the television. If your space is large enough, don’t be afraid of creating multiple sitting areas...everyone loves a cozy place to read!

If you have further questions on how to stage your Manhattan or Brooklyn property, please reach out.

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