3 Tricks to Sell Expired Listings This Fall

A new season brings new opportunities for selling. While the weather is cooling down, use this to your advantage to sell your expired listing.

Host Outdoors

As the heat during the summer months has come and gone, it’s now time to utilize your outdoor space. Invite family and friends over for football watching and BBQs! Break out the yard games and have a bonfire with s’mores. 

Market Towards Empty Nesters and Millennial

Most families will either try to move late spring or early summer to avoid the big move during school months. This frees up the competition and also means you will have more serious buyers. These potential buyers will likely be empty-nesters and millennial. In order to market towards these demographics, take note at the bedrooms. Empty-nesters will utilize bedrooms as a home gym or office and millennials may be in need of a nursery. 

Utilize Natural Light for Showings

The days are getting shorter, which means the natural light will significantly decrease. To capture the home in the best lighting, consider showings during the morning hours and during midday. If you’re unable to show the home during these times, arrive early to the home and turn on the lights to brighten up the property upon the arrival of the potential buyers. Additionally, if you’re able, have listing photos taken before the cold weather sets in to capture the house in the best lighting and with the best curb appeal (aka plants and green grass). 

What are some other ways you’re planning on selling your Brooklyn and Manhattan homes this fall?

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