Create the Best Letter Campaign to Expired Listing Leads Today!

Create the Best Letter Campaign to Expired Listing Leads Today!

Persistence is key when reaching out to expired listing leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn. They will be getting a lot of initial inquiries from realtors right after their listing expires. These realtors will express concern and describe why they should be the one to try it again. However, many of these other real estate agents will fizzle out in their attempts to reach the listing lead. Sometimes these sellers will need a minute to catch their breath and let their frustration die down. That’s where you come in! Stand out with an excellent letter and postcard campaign. This is a non-intrusive way to reach out and give them tons of information to mull over. Even if it’s a few months later, they might receive one of your professional postcards right at the time they’re considering selling again.

Get organized

Using a daily leads generator, stay up to date with listings that expire and how often you’re reaching out and on what schedule.

Create your letter template with a professional and eye-catching design for the initial letters. You can state who you are, a little bit about your sales history, experience, and methods. Easily fill in specific details about each listing to make it more personal.

Consider a handwritten note! You can also use programs that mimic your handwriting to save the time from literally writing by hand each time. But this is a nice personalized touch that you could send after the initial letter as a follow up.

Create postcards! How about one with your past sales information? Then one with a couple key testimonials collected from those past sales? What about one with bullet points highlighting your effective marketing strategies?

All these organized materials will help you schedule your plan of sending.

Stay organized

Use whatever organizational tool or calendar system works for you to establish when you send out letters and postcards to which leads. Send one or two items per week at first and then you can thin it out a bit but keep sending for a few months. Sometimes, it just takes time and your persistence will show your willingness and dedication to do the job right!

Get organized first then stay persistent in reaching out with letters and postcards.

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