4 Issues that Can Trip up Selling Expired Listing Leads

4 Issues that Can Trip up Selling Expired Listing Leads

Surprisingly, some of the biggest issues that trip up home sales are actually found in smaller details. You may find, when working with expired listing leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn that these issues have contributed to your sellers not being able to sell in the past. Let’s explore a few of these issues that cause problems selling homes.

1. Missing cover plates or missing blinds.

When things are missing in our homes because they fall off or are damaged, sometimes we don’t rush to fix them. Especially if they are smaller or less significant and don’t impact our wellbeing in the home. However, a buyer with fresh eyes who’s thinking in terms of the money they will pour into the home will notice. They might not be happy about those things either. Even little things like missing cover plates on outlets or missing blinds over windows can make the place seem stark and unkempt.

2. Dead batteries or lights.

Anything that doesn’t work is a red flag in a home. We usually notice and fix the bigger items such as appliances or glaring wear and tear. But again, even small things that don’t work will stand out. Go ahead and inspect and change all lightbulbs, batteries in smoke alarms or other items that come with the home. These small touches help the home feel more move-in-ready even though they aren’t too much trouble for you.

3. Odd wear and tear.

Any other smaller aspects of wear and tare that come with owning a home will need to be addressed. Think about any loose handles, mismatched paint from touch-ups, holes in the wall that need caulking, scratched up baseboards from pets and more.

4. Weird smells.

We grow accustomed to odors in our home that buyers will smell immediately. If you have cats, deep clean the litter box area, and consider moving it if it’s in a conspicuous or central location. What about sink or garbage odors in the kitchen? Use lemon in the sink or garbage disposal to clean and freshen. Invest in a better garbage can or move it into a pantry or cabinet to cover that smell. If your carpets are smelly from pets, get a steamer to deep clean those stains and odors away. If they’re old and worn anyways, consider tossing them and buying a new area rug in order to show the house.

Go over these aspects with your expired listing leads to help them sell quicker and with greater ease.

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