Staging Secrets to Sell Expired Listings

Staging Secrets to Sell Expired Listings

When buyers first glimpse a home for sale in Manhattan or Brooklyn, they will inevitably notice the level of elegance, sophistication, and polish of that home. Whether we like it or not, the bones of a house don’t make the first impression and certainly not the one that will last. So, how do you as a realtor trying to sell these expired listings capitalize on that fact? You stage to sell.

Invest in a stand-out sofa!

You’ll want to invest in a couch that makes a statement. A large sofa can easily be the focal point of the room. Pick the right one and it can highlight the size of a space and give buyers a sense of roominess. They also help give the room and home a lived-in feel. That’s good for helping buyers envision themselves there. Be sure to choose a sofa that makes a point: you’re going for visual interest and impact.

Up the level of your art!

Renting artwork that takes it up a notch helps make a lasting impression with buyers as well. Art rentals can add energy and vitality to a room. You can tie the artwork into the theme of the house’s décor as well as matching the price point with appropriate pieces. It adds visual interest, sparks buyers’ creativity and highlights the potential of the home!

Choose the right lighting!

The literal light you show the home in helps it sell. Add warmth to a room by placing lamps or floor lights into corners and around a room that only has bright, overly florescent ceiling lights. Let the soft glow add warmth. Or rent LED lights. These are easy to place and conceal, and can often be controlled remotely. This allows you to set a mood and ambiance easily before potential buyers walk through the door. Set a low level, warm hue to invite guests into the space and make them feel instantly at home.

Talking with your expired listing clients about how to stage their home properly will help them sell! And perhaps was part of the reason they didn’t sell the first time around.

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