Take Advantage of Peak Selling Season: how to talk to expired listing leads about selling Now!

Take Advantage of Peak Selling Season: how to talk to expired listing leads about selling Now!

Spring and summer are peak selling season for homes! This is a great time to lean into prospecting to expired listing leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn. For starters, it’s peak selling season, and that’s a great incentive to give wary sellers. And also because it might help breathe new energy into your prospecting efforts to keep this in mind! If you push hard to obtain more leads as clients, the sales this summer could really benefit your business!

1. There are more buyers out and actively looking!

Because it’s warmer, this naturally brings more buyers out of the woodwork. People are out and about in the city and those who were on the fence about buying might be more inclined to make that leap. Also mortgage rates aren’t expected to jump anytime soon, according to the latest Federal Reserve report in March. They confirmed they won’t be raising interest rates from the 2.5% for the rest of 2019. This is another huge incentive for buyers to take advantage of lower (or at least steady) mortgage rates.

2. Buyers might be on a stricter timeline!

Keep in mind for you as well as your expired listing leads that buyers are more than likely wanting to buy and be moved in by fall! They want to be settled before school starts again or the weather starts to cool once more. Use this to your advantage when prospecting to leads. Buyers are highly motivated to close and close quickly. Your sellers are disheartened and frustrated by the failure to sell the last time around. But encouraging them that buyers will be eager to close quickly could help them see that a quick sale is possible.

3. The warm weather and landscaping of the home will help it sell too!

Because it’s nice out, your sellers have the natural advantage of sunlight, greenery, and flowering plants to help present their home in the best possible light (literally). Encourage them to keep up with the landscaping to preserve that first impression and curb appeal. But reassure them that having the sun out and longer days as well as flowers and green grass will improve their chances of selling!

Keep these pros of selling in the spring and summer in mind when reaching out to expired listing leads. Take advantage of the warmer months to push hard towards your selling goals!

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