4 Ways to Contact Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

4 Ways to Contact Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Reaching out to contact expired listing leads can be a little tense. It certainly helps to prepare yourself in what you want to communicate, how you want to present yourself, and what message you want to leave frustrated sellers with. Here are 4 ways to contact expired leads to help you move them further down the path to sell again.

1. Initial emails

A cold call from a brand new realtor that the seller doesn’t know, can be too impactful and too high stakes for some sellers still reeling from the unsuccessful sale. Email can be a good way to approach first. Create email scripts or templates with your information, credentials, and experience. Give them only the information they need to read so that you stand out. They are most likely getting contacted left and right about selling again. Keep it clear and concise. Express why you are right for the task specifically.

2. Phone calls

If a lead seems interested from the email, now is a good time for a phone call. Be prepared to listen to their concerns and fears. They may still be fairly unwilling to come over to your side but at least they’re on the phone with you. Use the scripts you’ve practiced with, but remember to be genuine as well to their individual needs and desires. The goal of the call isn’t for them to necessarily become clients at the end of one call. But rather, the goal here should be to set up an in person meeting. These expired sellers will need time to determine if they want to try again. Get a meeting in person and then you can continue to persuade them with your marketing strategies and plans.

3. Mailers and flyers

If you don’t get the in-person meeting scheduled after an email or phone call, start sending the physical mail. It’s too easy to keep deleting voicemails and emails without reading them at all. If you send professional and pristine post cards and flyers with just enough information to grab their attention, they’re more likely to read at least part of it before tossing it. This way, they’ll be more face-to-face with you and your brand on a more regular basis when they are ready to sell again.

4. In person and follow-ups

Now it’s time for the in-person meeting. Prepare a packet for the sellers with highlights, testimonials, and a marketing plan laid out for their home. Be concise again as they won’t want to be given a sales pitch. You’re there to tell them what you know and can offer to effectively give them the result they want. That’s it.

If there wasn’t any interest shown after the mailers and flyers, it would be a good time to follow up with another phone call or drip-campaign email strategy. Keep giving little tidbits of information about you, your sales history, your knowledge of the market and your availability and commitment to your clients. You will be more in the forefront of the seller’s mind with these gentle but persistent reminders.

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