Maintenance Counts when Selling: make sure your expired listing leads are staying on top of these maintenance tasks!

Maintenance Counts when Selling: make sure your expired listing leads are staying on top of these maintenance tasks!

Home maintenance matters when getting ready to sell a home. Perhaps, as you reach out to expired listing leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn, you’ll even find that some of the leads neglected this the first time around. Of course, it’s hard to point to a factor or two as concretely what went wrong. However, if you as their realtor notice a lack of attention to the maintenance of the house, it’s ok to point this out as one of the potential aspects that contributed to the listing expiring.

Start by keeping up with any yard and walkways!

Especially true, if your seller has already vacated the property, make sure they stay on top of any yard work. If they’re unable to keep the landscaping tidy, they can always hire someone. But this is important to the curb appeal and overall feel of the home. Potential buyers will be impressed by a nice-kept yard, exterior, entryway and walkway. They could also, in contrast, be turned away by a messy, unkempt and dirty exterior. Also encourage your leads to put lights on timers so the home doesn’t appear constantly dark and uninviting.

Routinely check on the gutters and roof!

The roof and gutters are crucial to the home’s upkeep. When neglected, the negative effects can spiral! Clogged gutters can cause drainage problems, thus damaging the foundation. And a roof issue will lead to water damage to the interior as well.

Keep all critters out!

Again, if your leads have already vacated, they might forget to check on this. However, the last thing you want is a potential buyer to walk in to see any pests or even evidence of pests’ existence. Have your sellers check the home routinely for holes that need to be repaired from damaged siding or fascia under the roofline. They may also want to hire an exterminator if need be to eradicate any existing bug issues.

Maintain squeaky clean windows!

No matter the time of year, keep the windows sparkling. This makes a huge difference to buyers and presents a polished exterior as well as interior of the home.

Ensure the HVAC systems are all in tip-top shape!

Keep chimney’s heating systems and A-C units in proper working order and clean and tidy. This promotes efficiency and buyers won’t want to see damaged, old, worn or dirty systems. This can make them question the integrity of the house’s ability to stay at the desired temperature! Clean out ductwork and vents regularly as well. And keep the thermostat to a comfortable degree, especially if showing frequently.

These tasks and staying on top of them will help immensely to sell the expired listings you have on as clients. Sit down and go over these tasks with your clients as a way to jumpstart the sale.

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