5 Tips to Obtain Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn Today!

5 Tips to Obtain Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn Today!

As listings expire and those sellers are faced with the frustrating fact that their home did not sell, it’s your time to step in. As a realtor in Manhattan or Brooklyn, expired listings leads are a niche in real estate that could offer you a lot of profit and growth. Here are five pro tips to help you lock in those leads.

1. Go farther back in the expired listings leads pool.

Try calling leads that expired six months ago or more. The fresh leads are getting tons of calls, but those older leads may have passed through the stubborn and worn out faze and might be ready to hear what you have to say. Contact them in a catchy way by leaving a professional flyer or postcard or even stopping by.

2. Explain up front how your strategies differ from the last agent.

Research the leads you’re reaching out to. If you see a problem in the marketing, listing photos, or another aspect of the last agent’s strategy, put your alternatives in your email, letter or phone call. Make sure you immediately explain why your strategies are far removed from and far more effective than the previous agent’s.

3. Involve sellers in the process.

If the sellers are skeptical about issues with their home selling, involve them in the process. If, for example, they don’t see how their home was perhaps priced too high, show them comps in the area. You can even take them to another open house nearby. Maybe it’s a home with significant upgrades compared to theirs but at the same price point. Allow them to see for themselves where the problems could have been in the last attempt to sell. They’ll be more inclined to trust you knowing you saw these problems and know how to fix them.

4. Be patient.

This process of wooing expired listing leads takes time. It may take a while (weeks or months) for sellers to become frustrated enough to want to sell again. They have to move through some of the exhaustion and anger. Consistent contact is key. Follow up a phone call with an email or an email with a letter or postcard. Show them you are there and available whenever they are ready to go for it!

5. Create a stellar marketing campaign for their home.

Come prepared to in person meetings with a marketing campaign for their home. Perhaps download and enhance old and poorly taken listing photos. Change the marketing slogans or captions from the previous listing to highlight what you would improve upon. Create a slideshow with the aspects of their property that you want to showcase and feature. This demonstrates your expertise, professionalism and investment to them and the sale.

Keep these pro tips in mind today as you prospect to expired listing leads!

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