Strange Roadblocks: Do your Expired Listing Leads have any of These Home Issues?

Strange Roadblocks: Do your Expired Listing Leads have any of These Home Issues?

Homes often don’t sell. This is a fact. A fact that you know very well as a real estate professional reaching out to the newly expired listing leads coming up every day in Manhattan and Brooklyn! There are reasons upon reasons why homes don’t sell. Sometimes it’s the marketing and poor listing photos or poor strategies to get the word out. Perhaps it’s the home itself being in rough shape. Or maybe it’s a lack of availability and cooperation from either the sellers or the previous listing agent. It could be the current market, location, and demand in the specific area.

Your job as a realtor prospecting to these expired listing leads is to find what went wrong, build upon what went right, and get the job done and sold!

Here are a few strange roadblocks that could have influenced a home languishing on the market. Take a moment to evaluate if any of your clients are dealing with these home issues.

Ugly Cosmetic Issues Really Get in the Way!

Sellers might feel that the outdated, green carpet that’s still lingering from decades past is just a minor cosmetic flaw. But these visual aspects do matter to potential buyers walking through. It could really turn them off seeing an issue like that (even if it’s something that could easily be remedied). Buyers might not readily envision what it could look like and get hung up on what it actually looks like.

Traces of Pets Can put off Buyers!

If your sellers have pets, encourage them to do all they can to effectively hide the evidence. While having a home that’s pet friendly is often a plus to buyers, seeing the evidence of a lot of current pets can be off-putting. So urge the sellers to deep clean areas affected by pets living there, neutralize odors and take the dog on a walk for showings and open houses.

Not Enough Privacy Can Hinder a Sale!

Especially in the city, people are packed in on top of one another. Making sure the space has enough privacy from neighbors will be crucial for your sellers. If buyers walk into an open house and see strait into a neighbor’s home or apartment (or worse, see a curious neighbor peering in), it might be the end of a potential sale. If there’s outdoor space, this is true as well. Encourage your sellers to invest in window treatments and, if needed, walls or fences in the yard to give the home more privacy.

Mold is an Issue that Must be Dealt With!

If your seller finds mold and does nothing, the house will have an extremely tough time selling. This must be disclosed to potential buyers and when they see this, most run. It’s a health hazard. If there is mold, best for your sellers to fix it now and watch the house sell quickly then draw it out painfully.

Watch out for these pesky issues that might have prevented one or more of your expired listing leads from selling the first time around.

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