5 Prospecting Strategies to get the Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

5 Prospecting Strategies to get the Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

In order to reach out to expired listing leads, you need the right tools and training. Start with a solid lead generating tool to capitalize on the amount of leads coming available each day. Then are there some key ways to lock in the leads as clients. Here are 5 of the strategies to perfect and keep in your arsenal.

1. Use a solid lead generating tool!

Start by taking advantage of a great lead generating tool. This will give you the most efficient start to prospecting. These tools can give you the phone numbers so you can set your goal of how many to call each day and how often to follow up.

2. Practice your scripts!

Another way to constantly stay sharp and efficient in your prospecting is to utilize scripts. Role-play with a colleague. Play out different scenarios that might occur with different leads and the push-back you might get. You don’t want to sound robotic, so this is just to feel confident having answers in your back pocket to questions that may arise. You want to truly listen to each individual’s concerns and speak directly to those.

3. Follow up with emails, letters, or in person!

Create a good template for a letter to expired listing leads. Just the basics about who you are as well as your strategies for marketing and selling their property. Then you can tailor each letter to the specific lead and send it out as a follow up. If there’s interest, set up your in person meeting and put together a professional and concise packet for the potential client. Be prepared and your efficiency and results will skyrocket.

4. Offer a break!

You may be able to win over an expired listing lead if you offer to write a provision into their listing agreement detailing that if the seller finds a buyer, there will be a reduced rate.

Or, another deal you could offer is a limited service listing option. Charge only a small flat fee for bare-bones support, or charge a slightly higher commission for more substantial assistance. This way, the skeptical and wary expired listing lead will feel better about not having to pay the full bulk of another commission, but you still get the client.

5. Show leads the data!

Constantly stay up to date on the current data surrounding selling and especially how selling with an agent is beneficial. Essentially, the lead might be so discouraged that the first attempt to sell failed. They might be exhausted or wanting to try on their own, thinking they could do a better job as a FSBO. However, one great way to earn their trust and business is to show with numbers how they have a better chance at it again with you.

You also want to always update your data on your own personal sale record, the length each property was on the market, as well as testimonials. These more personal numbers can help convince the leads why you specifically are the right choice for them.

Utilize these strategies to keep you on track with your prospecting goals this spring in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

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