Create an Exceptional Open House with Expired Listing Clients in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Create an Exceptional Open House with Expired Listing Clients in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Part of the process of helping sell the properties of your expired listings leads will entail open houses. Whether in Brooklyn or Manhattan, facilitating and assisting clients with their open houses will go a long way to selling their property. They can reel in a lot of potential buyers and have a lasting impression, either good or bad. Help your leads with these tips for an exceptional open house!

Consider a live virtual tour!

Consider this avenue either in addition to a physical open house or as a preview event. It can entice buyers from out of state or out of the area who can’t make it to an open house but who still could end up being your buyer. Or it can drum up a whole lot of interest as a special preview event before the official open house!

Make sure you do it live so buyers can join in and ask questions while they get the tour. Also consider what time you hold it. Think about peak time around lunch (12pm-2pm) so buyers don’t have to leave work but can block out time to have their breaks and take part in the tour.

Host a garage sale at the same time!

People will come out in droves to a well-timed garage sale, especially if it’s for a house they know is on the market. They know this means motivated sellers, willing to bargain and barter with heaps of good stuff for sale. For you and the seller this means a lot of free advertising. Even if garage sale goers are not interested in buying the home, they may know a family member or friend who is. And nothing works as well as word of mouth to get the home sold! It’s also just a great way to purge and make sure the home looks in tip-top shape for the open house. So, talk to your clients today to see if this would be a good tool for their open house.

Finagle the best time for your client, the area and the demand!

Think about how many other homes are on the market in the area of Brooklyn or Manhattan where your client is located. Consider what times their open houses are how many buyers will be taken up with those. It may be better to do an off-peak time but with great marketing. What about a morning right after school drop-off time? Advertise it as a coffee and pastry open house. Or host it right after work lets out when there will be a lot of buyers wanting to squeeze a showing in before getting home from their commute. Advertise this one as a wine and cheese open house!

You, as a real estate agent, can put together a stand-out open house with your expired listing leads and clients in Brooklyn and Manhattan to help the property sell successfully!

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