Reasons for your Expired Listing Leads to Sell Now Rather than Wait!

Reasons for your Expired Listing Leads to sell now rather than wait!

Springtime is a clean, fresh time of the year, both in regards to the weather changing and also in regards to home sales. With the extra bonus of it still being a positive market, encourage your expired listing leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn to sell now. There are several reasons for your leads to not wait. Reasons including: millennials flooding into the market, low mortgage rates, and the potential for the tides to turn somewhat later on.

The last while, it’s definitely been more of a seller’s market, with low inventory and a high amount of buyers. This sparked bidding wars and lead to sellers getting asking price or above more often. But this trend is starting to look like it might be changing soon. New homes for sale are starting to increase in the market. Which is fine, but also means there could be more competition when trying to sell. So, before this happens, encourage your leads to re-list and sell successfully with your help!

It’ll pay to put their home on the market as soon as possible because of the place home prices are in currently. There was a huge jump in home prices in recent years causing sellers to stand to make a decent profit. Now, this trend has slowed, but stay with it. Home price increase has slowed from the frenzied pace of a few years ago, but is still steadily climbing.

Although there might be increased competition in the market for your sellers, they still stand to make a decent profit on their home or at least sell at asking price! This is good news for your leads.

There’s more good news if your home is listed below the $300,000 mark as there are less of these on the market and an increase in buyers looking for that price point.

Even more, mortgage rates have gone down in 2019 and, because of this, more buyers might be knocking on your door. They will be taking advantage of this 12 month low.

One more incentive for leads to try selling again is millenials. This generation is coming up on the 30-year age mark and that seems to be when most people are buying or thinking about buying. So there may be an influx of young buyers eager to purchase their first home!

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