Set Real, Attainable Goals for Getting Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn!

Set Real, Attainable Goals for Getting Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

As the weather warms and it’s officially spring, many expired listing leads may be feeling more ready to put their property back on the market. This is great news for you as a real estate agent looking to grow your business with expired listing leads. However, the amount of new leads each day coupled with your already busy schedule can feel overwhelming to say the least. One great tool to help with this issue is to set real, attainable goals for yourself each month, week and day! Keep yourself on track, moving forward, and reaching out to as many leads as possible!

Start by tracking your numbers and progress!

Let’s say you want to make a total of 600 calls each month to expired listing leads. If you break that number down, it’s roughly 25 calls per work day. This is an example of setting a real and attainable goal that you can measure and follow through on. To hit that 600, you’ll need to hold yourself to the 25 a day. You can also think more long term in how many contacts you want to turn to clients each month or even each year. This will help propel you forward. Let’s say you want to be obtaining one new client a month. If you are calling 10 leads a day and nothing is happening, you then know you need to change something. Perhaps you need to increase your initial calls, your follow up calls, your letters sent out, or in-person meetings.

Work backwards!

Think about your yearly income. What is the number you would like to be at? Ok, go from there. How many sales need to happen to achieve that? Then, how often do you obtain a client? Once every few months? Less? More? Is this amount enough or do you need to be obtaining more clients in order to make your desired income? Then keep working backwards to work the numbers. Think about how many in-person meetings turn into sold properties? How many calls turn into in-person meetings? So how many calls do you need to be making over the whole year to achieve your goal?

Set weekly and daily goals!

Next step is to break down your big picture goals. It’s a good idea to write your goals down. Either in a planner, on a board, or somewhere you will easily and frequently see them. Remember to keep these goals attainable and realistic. Don’t write: “Obtain more clients.” This isn’t attainable. What does it mean?

Start by setting weekly goals for yourself such as, “Follow up with 5 leads by sending a personalized letter,” or “Practice scripts with a partner 3 times a week.” These goals you can measure and check off. And they will help you in your long-term goals.

Set daily goals based on your weekly ones. For the examples above, you could make a daily goal to send 1 letter a day to a prospect who showed interest. Or you can make a daily goal to practice scripts on your own 20 min a day.

Keep going full steam ahead this spring towards achieving your prospecting goals in Manhattan and Brooklyn! Set measurable, realistic and attainable goals to help you get there!

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