Sell While Your Luck is Gold! Advice to Give your Expired Listing Leads!

Sell While Your Luck is Gold! Advice to Give your Expired Listing Leads!

This weekend, with St. Patrick’s Day, is all about luck and acting on that luck. Spring is a wonderful time to sell a home for a couple different reasons. This St. Patty’s Day weekend, talk to your expired listing leads in Manhattan and Brooklyn about those reasons. Encourage them to work with you this spring to sell their property.

Take advantage of there being more buyers out on the prowl!

Because it’s nearing spring, the clocks have been turned forward once more, and the weather will start to warm soon, buyers will start to be more plentiful. Everything slows a bit in the winter and this includes the number of buyers on the prowl. Encourage your expired listing leads that they should take advantage of the season to sell.

Capitalize on the warming weather for garage sales and open houses!

Use the weather to your advantage. Help your expired listing leads brainstorm ideas for open houses and how to make their property stand out this spring. Perhaps pair it with a yard sale to de-clutter as well as draw in buyers. Do it on a warm weekend where there are block parties happening or other open houses nearby.

Note that interest rates are staying low! This will also bring in more buyers.

Freddie Mac’s Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that interest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage came in at 4.41% in the last couple weeks. They were up to almost 5% in 2018. So this is good news for buyers who may have been on the fence about searching for a home. This interest rate climate will bring in more potential buyers as well for your clients.

Consider selling and being moved and settled in to your next place before the summer.

Encourage your leads that selling now rather than putting it off longer will help them be moved out and into their next spot before summer. They can relax into the warm months and focus on entertaining and traveling. Their stress will decrease knowing this huge worry is settled.

In all these aspects of encouraging your expired listing leads to re-list now, remember one important factor: you. You are the deciding factor for them, the variable that will successfully get their home from on the market again to sold. So in being persuasive about why it’s beneficial for them to try selling again now, remember that the most important deciding element for them will be trust in you.

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