Rebuilding Trust with Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan!

Rebuilding Trust with Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan!

The expired listing leads you’re going to be working with and prospecting to in Manhattan have already been burned, at least once. This is a sure thing. Whether that was a real estate agent’s fault or the market or a combination of different factors, it’s now up to you to change that perception.

Work to assure them of your plan of action.

Have a clear plan mapped out before ever meeting or even reaching out to an expired listing lead. It’s a good idea to have a letter template ready and on hand and then fill in the specific details for each lead. For example, if meeting with a lead who had unprofessional listing photos taken or not enough marketing, put right in your letter how you will handle those aspects differently. Have this letter prepared to send right after an initial phone call or to bring with you to an in-person meeting.

When doing in-person meetings, go above and beyond and create a packet. Bring your card, a packet with testimonials, your letter, past sale statistics and marketing strategies. Having an actual physical packet to leave with leads is concrete and shows professionalism and commitment.

Be direct and firm but reassuring.

Listing leads will want some specific answers right away. They are not messing around this time. They know how it won’t work. They want to know what you will do to make it work. They will most likely ask how much their home will sell for, what you will do to sell it, and how long it will be on the market before selling. They won’t want to hear any vague or roundabout answers, either. Be direct but reassuring as well. Tell them realistically, using current market data, what they can expect to get for their home. Tell them why. Tell them that by pricing it competitively they will sell faster. Tell them your strategies to sell the property and how long you believe it will take.

Help them see the situation not from their reality but yours.

Expired listing leads are looking through the lens of their reality. A reality of a failed attempt to sell their home. They are most likely discouraged if not completely angry. Your job is to listen to that reality and be understanding that that is true for them. However, don’t leave them there. Don’t try to convince them they are wrong: they’re not. But try to convince them why your perception and reality brings a new chance for a successful sale.

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