Curb Appeal Ideas for your Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan!

Curb Appeal Ideas for your Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan!

Pass along these fresh ideas to your expired listing leads and clients in Manhattan to get that curb appeal back up to par! Help them impress potential buyers! Curb appeal matters, especially when selling a home. What if the interior is gorgeous, but the exterior is bland? Maybe it just needs some help catching up. Here are a few ideas for this weekend to get your expired listings leads started.

You’ll want to start by cleaning up!

Tidying up outside lays a good foundation for any other curb appeal measures you may put in place. Take a weekend and involve the whole family. Rake leaves, sweep driveways and patio areas, trim hedges and shrubs, and tidy up any rouge kids toys. For a deeper clean, spray the driveway and sidewalks with the hose on the most powerful setting, powerwash the exterior of the home, and clean gutters. You’ll also want to get in there and really wash the windows. Don’t do this with the powerwasher as it could strip the sealing. Wash with soap or detergent and warm water on the inside and outside.

Think about ways to brighten the exterior!

This phrase may be a bit worn out, but you really do want the exterior of your home to pop! You want it to stand out from others on the street with its own charm and unique character.

Try adding shutters! Shutters make windows appear bigger and interrupt the bland exterior of a home with dimensional interest. Add in a fun color that contrasts with the rest of the home but doesn’t clash.

Paint accent areas or a front door! Think about the rest of the exterior of your home and what colors would compare and contrast to add that charm. You can paint trim, freshen up existing shutters or paint the door a new color.

Add or redo house numbers! If the numbers for your home are barely visible or rusted out and drab, consider investing in new ones! If you don’t want numbers on the house itself, try attaching the numbers to an outside potter or post or hanging them from a railing.

Add in accents but keep it calm and neutral!

You want the exterior of your home to speak to and about you. You also want it to charm visitors or potential buyers without startling them. Keep the porch furniture neutral with some bursts of color. Perhaps put the gnomes or lawn flamingos into a shed for now. Invest in throws, area rugs or pillows that give you the fun color or designs you want instead.

Spruce up a mailbox for another accent, add trees or shrubs to add to the landscape, or invest in flower boxes in the spring. All these accents are great ways to add your own charm and taste to a home.

Consider sharing this post with your Expired Listing Leads and clients in Manhattan today to help give them some ideas to liven up their curb appeal!

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