Follow Up is Key when Prospecting to Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan

Follow Up is Key when Prospecting to Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan

Coming up with a detailed and precise follow-up plan is essential to your work with expired listing leads. You can have all the knowledge and expertise to sell these properties, but first (and usually most difficult) is winning them over to become your clients.

That’s why having a follow up system that you use regularly is so important. Once you reach out to the listing leads at first, you then need to be consistent and show them you truly are invested, you have the skills necessary for the task, and you are organized and professional.

1. Show expired listing leads that you’re invested and committed.

One reason to follow up thoroughly with your leads is to show your commitment. Once you’ve contacted a lead by phone, email or in person, you’ll need to follow up at least a few more times. You can do this by further phone calls, more email marketed or dropping a postcard or packet off in the mail or in person.

This level of follow up shows you want their business, of course, but it can also be a useful tool in showing how you are already invested in them as potential clients. Create an email template (or printed version) explaining why you have the background and skills necessary to sell their specific property. Tailor each time to new leads for that personal touch. This demonstrates you took the time to think about their unique situation.

2. Show you have the skills necessary to sell their property.

Following up is also a good way to showcase your skill set. Highlight past sales, testimonials or your marketing plan for their home. Put together a running list of testimonials from past clients and create a packet with this, sale statistics, resume details that are pertinent. Drop this off at their home or in the mail after you have a promising conversation with a lead. It allows them to mull over the idea of hiring you without you sitting right there but also gives them the information they need to make an informed decision.

3. Show off your organizational and professional side.

In order to effectively win over expired listing leads, you will want to show how organized you are as well. Following up is a good time to do just that. Create a list-plan or bullet point list that’s easily accessible to demonstrate your plan of action. What things are you prepared to do right out of the gate to sell their property? List those actions. Get specific. Include phrases like, “price your home competitively,” or “develop a list of features your home has to give out to Brokers to share with their buyers as well.” Make the list long and thorough so sellers can get a sense of your level of organization. It also looks extremely professional to receive such a well-thought out plan of action. It’s tangible, and expired listings in a tough spot want something tangible.

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