Tips to Pass Along to your Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan before they List

Tips to Pass Along to your Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan before they List

If you’re working with expired listing leads or clients you’ve already brought on board, they may want to re-list this spring. This is a great time to bring up some of the steps they should be doing to prep their home to sell. Especially since their property didn’t sell the first time around, paying close attention to details will help them sell.

Step 1: Declutter

This cannot be stressed enough. Potential buyers can be so turned off by random clutter everywhere around the house. It won’t take more than a couple mornings on a weekend (unless the mess is substantial). File paperwork, put mail that needs to be dealt with in a countertop or wall-mounted organizer, stow away kids toys in bins, and hide random items in a junk drawer.

Spend extra time on your closet spaces as well. Yes, buyers will look at closets, and it is an important aspect of the home to some. Utilize organizational systems for shoes, clothes and accessories.

Donate anything and everything you never use to clear out some of the excess clutter as well. Dishes, clothes, kids’ toys, books, magazines, and extras.

Step 2: Deep Clean

Another one that is a must. Involve the whole family if possible as it can be a mundane and time-consuming task. It’ll be worth it, though. Think of it as a spring cleaning to purge and renew your space as well as the incentive to list and finally sell your property.

Step 3: Repair what you can

Spend a weekend tackling smaller repair jobs around the home. Recaulk where needed. Take care of grout. Fix windows or screens. Tend to leaky faucets, or loose and rattling doorknobs or hardware. Repair holes in the wall and repaint with a fresh coat in something neutral that still fits in with your home décor. Replace light bulbs and outdated hardware on kitchen cabinets. You know, anything that helps spruce up the home and get it sparkling and as new feeling as possible.

Give these tips to your expired listing leads or clients in Manhattan as they prep their homes to sell this spring! They may be inspired to make those necessary changes to help sell the property.

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