Selling Expired Listings Quickly in Manhattan Before the Holidays!


The holidays are quickly approaching and with that a frenzy of feasting and festivities. Perhaps your home has been on the market a while or you’re a realtor trying to sell expired listings in Manhattan before the holidays. If you’re trying to sell quickly or helping an expired listing selling quickly, there’s some sound advice for you here.

1. Fix up the listing photos

Make sure your listing photos are on point. Hire a professional for your expired listing’s photos, especially if they were lacking the last time around. Spruce up the home with staging and get the home in the right light. Especially with winter around the corner, it can be hard to get good photos of a space. This is important, though, as buyers will surf the web initially for ideas and to get a sense of the homes for sale. They will swipe through the photos first and if not up to par, sometimes never glance at the listing again. It’s worth it to do this right.

2. Play up the holidays

Light a candle. This may seem frivolous but light a homemade candle or at least something with a seasonal scent. This will go a long way in bringing the holidays to mind and help buyers envision themselves in the home for the festive time of year.
Decorate and stage with holiday décor. Set the table for a feast. Bring out all the best and seasonal linens and flatware from your expired listing. It’s something that doesn’t cost extra but uses what they have already to set the tone.
Make the mantle stand out. If there’s a fireplace or mantle of any kind, decorate this! Light a fire if it’s a cold day for the open house or showings. It adds ambiance but really just is so cozy and comforting. These smaller touches go longer than we may think.

3. Be super flexible

You’ll want to be available or encourage your expired listings to be available for every showing and viewing that comes up. This is paramount to buyers feeling welcome and free to consider the home. If they get turned away too many times or flaked out on, it will translate that the seller is not that eager and they might turn away from the property.

Start with these three tips to get you and your expired listings started! It can be a great time to sell if you play up the on the festivities. Some buyers might really want to get into their new space before the holidays descend. So work with that with your Manhattan listings

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