Reasons To Keep those Listings on the Market over the Holidays!


If you’re reaching out to expired listings in Manhattan to try to persuade them to attempt selling again, don’t hold back! The holiday season can intimidate people whose homes are already on the market or those listings who might want to relist with you. It’s stressful, of course. The holidays can careen at a crazy pace. However, there are some good reasons why keeping a home on the market or re-listing over the next couple months is a great idea!

1. There may be less competition.

Because home sellers are wary of this time of year, many people wait until the busier months in spring and summer to list their properties. However, this means inventory is way down now. And that is incredibly positive for you as a realtor and for your clients trying once more to sell. There will be less competition and, therefore, more potential buyers gravitating towards your homes for sale.

2. The festivities can add charm and easy staging opportunities.

No one wants to hear that they need to spend a small fortune on staging their home because it didn’t sell the first time around. However, if part of the problem was the expired listing’s décor or furnishings, this time of year can work in their favor. There are so many ways to decorate for the festivities and make your home look and smell amazing without redoing the whole place. Add lights outside and inside, candles with warm and cozy smells, throw blankets, pillows and area rugs. Set the table with what they already have to display the flatware and invite buyers to picture the holidays in the space.

3. The buyers tend to be more serious and intentional about buying.

Because it’s cold, dreary, busy and potentially snowing, buyers who go out to showings and open houses are there because they are serious about buying. They might also be more in a rush as the holidays approach. Perhaps they truly want to be in a new place to host family or friends or at least have a space all their own with their family. You and your listings can take comfort in that buyers will be in a hurry and hopefully only serious inquiries will come through.

4. This time allows you to invite expired listings to make those necessary changes.

Perhaps part of your pitch involves listing photos: that they need new, more professional ones. Or that you have a marketing strategy to cover all social media outlets. Or perhaps, the dining room really does need that fresh coat of paint they’ve been putting off. This new push to sell around the holiday season might be the inspiration and catalyst the sellers need to get to some of these tasks, reorganize and hit the ground running.

Use some of these reasons when reaching out and pitching to expired listings in Manhattan. One or more of these reasons may be the one they need to hear to push them to try selling again!

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