Fresh Holiday Décor for Expired Listings in Manhattan: Use what’s On Hand!


Perhaps you want some fresh inspiration for holiday decorations this year but are having trouble getting the spark! In talking with your expired listings in Manhattan, holiday décor can be a great way to add charm to capitalize on the season and sell. Maybe they don’t want to spend a fortune on a whole new theme. Well, why not use what is on hand already to craft and create new and exciting takes on this season. Look in these spots for fresh ideas!

Craft bins or closets

Utilize what the expired listings have already for crafting. See some chalkboard paint? Paint a wall or picture frame and let the kids draw holiday artwork on or create an easy advent calendar right on the wall. Take burlap for the tree skirt or a sash on the tree itself. Use long pieces of butcher paper in a fun color or a classic black or white on the table for a no mess runner!

The kitchen…anywhere in the kitchen

Look all over the kitchen for fun vases, cake platters and cupcake tiers. Fill the vases or clear bowls with ornaments and some lights for a fun way to add color around the house. Layer candles or other knick-knacks on a tiered serving dish for a lovely display. These ideas use what you have but also add glamour and glitz (especially if you have any glittery ribbon or ornaments involved).

Try looking closer around the kitchen for food inspired ideas! String dried fruit with popcorn for a nostalgic take on decorating. Put these on the tree or string them from chandeliers. Places orange slices or cinnamon sticks and cloves (or all three) in a vase for some color and either add flowers as well or just leave the food items in there for a lovely addition. This trick is especially nice before an open house or showing.

The closets

Leave the tried and true tablecloth used every year in the closet and search for a creative way to try something different. Maybe a holiday scarf for a simple yet elegant table runner? What about a checkered or plaid tablecloth instead? You can still add other holiday items as well. Use gold jewelry or ribbons on a small accent tree for sparkle and shine.

The great outdoors

This is a popular one this time of year. But it’s worth repeating. Cut some evergreen boughs outside or pick some up from tree-selling locations. Fill vases with them, prop them up on a mantle, put them in buckets outside for a welcome. Add pinecones, berries and even branches for a rustic vibe.

Using what you and your expired listings have on hand for fresh holiday decorations has never been more fun! Get creating! And help those properties sell in Manhattan.

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