Consistency is Key when Prospecting to Expired Listings in Manhattan!

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Being consistent when reaching out to expired listings in Manhattan will make your job so much easier. It will also make those goals seem more attainable. If you set small daily goals, and stick to a schedule, you’ll be able to manage those goals so much better. Also tracking your progress and tweaking the goals and schedule based on the numbers will aid tremendously.

Practice makes perfect.

Setting the goal to practice every day is key. Get your hands on some good scripts for prospecting to expired listings. Set a time limit and work on them each day. It may seem a bit silly but having these lines in your head will help you come across more fluid on the phone or in-person meetings. Practice with a partner as well to get a feel for responding to difficult questions or responses.

Create a daily schedule.

When you create your own schedule, it can be difficult to stay motivated and on track. Chores around the house come up (if making calls from your home), or other concerns at an office arise. These interruptions make it hard to make the most of your time. But setting a schedule that works for you will help. Think about running through practice scripts for a half hour first thing, answering emails for the next hour and then writing letters to expired listings for the remaining time until lunch. Maybe your afternoon consists of following up for an hour, an in-person meeting or two and then any open houses or showings you have to cover or schedule. Whatever kind of schedule works for you, making one will help keep you on track.

Track your progress.

Keep a record of your numbers. Break it down into small increments. Not just “did I obtain more clients?” as that is too vague. What about “did I obtain 10 new expired listing contacts to follow up with this week?” See if you meet that goal of 10 contacts that are promising enough to require a call-back. What about how many contacts per month (say 600)- then how many calls that means per week (200)- then how many per day (25). This allows you to track if you’re hitting that target and if not how to adjust your schedule to allow for more time to call listings.

Stay motivated.

What techniques do you have to help you stay motivated on the hard days? What about a dream board where you have pictures of your dreams? Let’s say a picture of Paris if you’ve been longing to visit or a brochure for a cruise. Or you could put up a board of some of your favorite inspiring quotes. Or a collage of pictures of your loved ones?

What else helps you stay motivated? Do you have a routine to work out certain days a week or meet with an encouraging friend for lunch here and there? These are good ways to be consistent and stay motivated.

Having targeted and measureable goals, setting a daily schedule, including practice time and staying motivated are all avenues to be consistent. What other ways have you found that help you stay on track?

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