Staging a House Without Spending a Penny! Ideas for Your Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan!

Staging a House Without Spending a Penny! Ideas for Your Expired Listing Leads in Manhattan!

There are expensive companies you can hire to stage your home for you. This is a great way to help sell if you have the resources or your home is in desperate need of an intervention. However, if you don’t want to spend the money or your home is in good shape already, here are a few simple and free ways to help sell the property.

1. Spend time taking down all the personal materials.

While we all love artwork from the kids, wedding photos and our special knick-knack collections, not all potential buyers will see the value of this. It’s better when selling to depersonalize. You want people to walk in to minimal fluff and frills of personal décor so they can envision themselves living there and filling up the spaces with their teacup collection or their kids’ baby photos.

2. Get rid of all the clutter.

This one is so crucial. Clutter is pesky and, of course, builds up in any living space no matter how hard we work to keep it at bay. However, when selling, spend one weekend finding places for all the items cluttering your home. Then each time you have a showing, give yourself at least a 15 minute window to walk through the home and tidy up the inevitable stuff that will have accumulated.

3. Show off the storage available in your home.

Especially in Manhattan, you don’t want a buyer to walk in and see the over-the-door storage racks and bins piling up in all available nooks and crannies. Go through all your possessions and truly purge what you don’t need or use. Free up space around the home to highlight the storage instead of overwhelming buyers.

4. Change the layout.

One free way to maximize your home’s potential is to rearrange your furniture. Try the couch on the other side of the living area. That mirror in a closet? Put it up in the entryway to brighten the space and make it appear larger. Set up rooms with listing photos in mind as well. What way will the couch be facing in the photos? The last thing you want is a shot of your living room highlighting the back of the couch.

5. Let in all the light possible.

Light works for you in amazing ways. If any windows are covered up, uncover them. Move furniture if need be. It really will make a difference. Rearrange lamps to be in corners with little to no light to maximize the space of the rooms. Open curtains or blinds and only use your light, airy or sheer window treatments.

Spend time today on these free staging techniques to give your home the sparkle that will help it sell!

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