What are the Best Ways to Contact Expired Listings in Manhattan?


What are the Best Ways to Contact Expired Listings in Manhattan?

If you know you want to go after expired listings and Manhattan, but are unsure of the best ways to contact sellers, you’re not alone. It can be tricky to navigate those tough conversations, whether in person, over the phone, or email. Sellers are often wary of real estate agents approaching them as their listing just expired. However, this is a prime opportunity for you gain the listing. You have skills and fresh ideas to offer! Let’s look at some ways to approach those expired listings.

1. By phone.

This is an interesting approach as you run the risk of being the 20th realtor to call this seller about their property. But there are some points to consider about why this might work. First, double check the seller is not on the Do Not Call list. Second, access a script from our website. Third, practice that script. Fourth, practice the script some more. It never hurts to know what you want to say. You don’t need to memorize it, but having some points ready makes you seem prepared and not overbearing. Fifth, have concrete ways prepared to share with the seller about how and why you will be successful this time around selling their property.

2. By email.

A lot of us prefer email over phone calls, so you can try this approach as well. Or, if you attempt calling, and the seller doesn’t pick up, send out the email. They can chose to respond or not. Prepare a professional and well-designed template for your emails. However, it’s important to take the time to personalize each one to that property and seller. Find the old listing. Point out what may have gone wrong, not as much to blame, but to show how you will do it differently.

3. By delivering a packet or presentation.

The third way is sometimes the most intimidating but can also be very effective. Go in person. Set up a meeting and come with either a packet or a flyer and again, those concrete solutions you have to offer to sell their property. And it’s important to listen to their frustrations and concerns. Don’t just breeze over these aspects.

Take the time to practice scripts, prepare emails and/or packets to deliver to expired listings in Manhattan and work to increase the size of your business by making these sales happen!