Obtaining Expired Listings: 4 tips to get you the listing in Manhattan!


Obtaining Expired Listings: 4 tips to get you the listing in Manhattan


When trying to obtain the expired listings and go on to sell those properties, it can be difficult to encounter discouraged homeowners or homeowners who have apparently heard it all and don’t want to discuss it any further. But there are some ways to approach the expired listings in Manhattan a way that sets you apart from others attempting the same.


  1. Provide a provision to the listing agreement.

If a seller is worried that if they find the buyer themselves, they’ll still have to pay you as the real estate agent the full commission, try writing a provision. This can be simple and state that if the seller finds a buyer, they will pay a reduced rate to you. You could include stipulations that they’ll have to do the showings for those potential buyers they locate, to ensure it’s a fair balance.


  1. Take advantage of scripts.

Finding and practicing well thought and well written scripts can aid you tremendously as you approach expired listings. You’ll need tact, as well as persistence. You’ll also need to be able to improvise so you don’t run the risk of sounding too rehearsed. Be professional, persuasive and to the point. And utilize the scripts available to you to practice the points proven to help you land these clients.


  1. Cultivate genuine interest in the potential client.

With using scripts, comes the danger of sounding like a robot. So take some time to truly listen to each homeowner and hear their story. Build a genuine professional relationship in which you care what happens to them and this property they’d like to sell. It will only make your interactions more pleasant as well as building trust that the homeowner may not have built with a previous realtor.


  1. Try the face-to-face approach.

If phone calls aren’t gaining you much ground, consider going out and meeting prospective clients in person. You can emphasize the major hook: that being you! Lots of other agents may have already attempted to gain this seller’s business but you have something they don’t and that is yourself, your unique negotiating skills and marketing expertise. Sell yourself in person and this may make all the difference.

As you go out in your search of lucrative expired listings, provide a provision to wary homeowners, practice the scripts, build trust, and try face-to-face meetings!


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