Marketing to Expired Listings in Manhattan: simple steps


Marketing to Expired Listings in Manhattan: simple steps.

Approaching expired listings for business can be tricky to say the least. You may be met with skepticism or downright disdain. And while nerves can get in the way of calling expired listings or going in person, you’ll need to push past those nerves with some solid marketing skills to get the listings.

1. Start by creating a list of expired listings to contact.

If you spend time researching the phone numbers, emails and addresses of expired listings, then write them down. This will help you get moving to the next step of contacting them. Utilize one of ExpLiMO’s subscription plans to help you gather the contact information.

2. Next make first contact.

Decide if a phone call or email will work best, or try both. Cultivate a professional but personalized email to send each seller. Customize it to reflect the nature of their situation and the solutions you propose to sell their property. Or give them a call after practicing with our scripts.

3. Follow up with a pamphlet or presentation.

If you receive interest from your phone call or email, set up a meeting in person with the seller. Create a simple presentation detailing what may have gone wrong the first attempt to sell, and what tools, suggestions or aid you have to offer to sell this time. If you didn’t get a response, try going by with a pamphlet or flyer and a business card detailing the services you offer. Drop it in the mailbox if no one’s home, but try to at least say hello in person and introduce yourself.

4. Follow up again with another phone call.

It’s never easy to try to be the one to initiate a relationship or obtain these expired listings. However, as you know, it doesn’t happen after one attempt. You’re not selling them a product but you are offering real services to sell their home. So emphasize that. Follow up once more after your in person meeting with a phone call. Even if it’s short and to the point, at least let the seller know you were happy to meet them and give them your contact information once more in case they would like to reach out.


Using these persistent marketing strategies can help you build relationships with potential clients rather than just reaching out in the dark one time with no response. It may be uncomfortable at first, but showing genuine interest, respect and insights will help you in your search for expired listings in Manhattan.


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