How to be Fully Prepared to get more Expired Listings in Manhattan!


How to be Fully Prepared to get more Expired Listings in Manhattan!

When going after expired listings, there’s a few points to keep in mind. Sellers are frustrated, somewhat doubtful, and wary of a new agent. However, these aspects can work in your favor if you present yourself differently, and show with real data and analysis that you have a plan to sell their house.

Be mindful of the doubts and frustrations of the seller.

            The seller may be in a rocky place right now. They’re undoubtedly frustrated, disappointed and may even be angry with their former real estate agent. You may not know all the reasons for why the listing expired, whether it was neglect from their agent, wrong price, insufficient marketing or something else, but you can make sure you come prepared and ready to listen. You don’t want to start off with only your pitch but also be willing to hear out the complaints and frustrations from the seller. Don’t immediately write them off if they’re a bit short but understand where they’re coming from.

Come prepared with research, data, and a plan.

            They’ll want to see what you have to offer. Not so much a sales pitch, as they might have already received several of those. Think of it more as a solution. You’re offering insights, ideas and solutions to the problem that their house did not sell. So do that. Offer those things. But be specific. Tell them how you’ll work to get their house sold. What marketing tools will you use? Will you take more appealing photos of the home? What’s the market like in their specific area of Manhattan and was their home’s price a reasonable one? Are there conditions of the home that may have prevented it from selling? Think about all these aspects and more and create a plan.

Show that you are ready to begin right now, if they chose.

Bring whatever you need to begin right away, if the seller is ready and agrees. Again, you’re not selling them something, but you’re offering real, tangible solutions to their problem and your expertise and experience is what you have to offer. So show them you’re prepared and eager to start then if necessary. A camera, or your listing agreement would be great tools to have on hand.


Keep these strait forward tips in mind when approaching expired listings so you’ll be completely prepared. If you have concrete tools ready to sell a house, and you’re confident in that, the sellers will be confident as well!