3 Techniques to Lock in Expired Listings in Manhattan!


3 Techniques to Lock in Expired Listings in Manhattan!


You may be wondering about the value of going after expired listings to help you start your business as a real estate agent in Manhattan or to supplement the steady business you already have. There are 3 main techniques to approaching expired listings. We’ll go through each and you can determine the best option for you in each situation and with each unique seller. Sometimes, it may be beneficial to use two or even all these options to cultivate a relationship with the potential client.


  1. Phone

After reading through our daily leads we send you of expired listings, settle down with one of our scripts from the website. Rehearse, practice on your roommate or spouse and be prepared. Although it’s good to rehearse, try to relax and sound as natural as possible when you make your calls. If you’re starting out, it might be more beneficial for you to go after older expired listings. The sellers may be more willing to listen to another real estate agent and more interested in attempting to sell again.


  1. Email

The second way to approach expired listings is through email letters. Here, you can utilize our subscription package, which provides emails as well. You’ll want to have a draft of an expired listing letter that you can modify and customize to each unique seller. This will equip you to be ready quickly as you get information on new leads each day. Look for ways the marketing may not have been handled well or a try to pick out a feature of the property that is a selling point but wasn’t highlighted. Talk about these areas specifically in your letter to better showcase your interest and care in the individual seller and their property.

The sellers will potentially get many of these letters so use your own marketing skills to your full advantage to create a template and design that will truly stand out. Then craft an elegant but personal letter to demonstrate why you are different from the other real estate agents and will be able to sell their home!


  1. In-Person Meeting

After you’ve called or emailed and gotten a good response, it may be a good time to schedule a meeting with the seller. Here you can prepare your proposal in full. Go over their house specifically and what plans you have to help it sell this time. Mention what you believe went wrong in the previous attempt. Use tact, but point out what you will do differently in specific areas. Describe your marketing strategy. Sell yourself as well by describing your record of past sales.


Utilize our services together with your own expertise to gather information about and then approach expired listings in Manhattan!


*ExpLiMO provides high quality leads on a daily basis and offers a unique opportunity for Manhattan real estate agents to prospect for expired listing leads and grow their business exponentially.