3 Key Ways to Use Postcards to Market to Expired Listings in Manhattan!


3 Key Ways to Use Postcards to Market to Expired Listings in Manhattan!

When attempting to market to expired listings in Manhattan, you need to think creatively and also personally. What didn’t work the first time this person tried to sell their home? What specifically can you offer this time around that’s sure to move the home from listed to sold?

As you consider these questions and your strategy for approaching each potential client, you may want to include postcards a few different times along the way. On a postcard, you can delineate three important aspects about yourself: your record, your method, and your service!

First, create a card that showcases your past record!

One idea is to send out “Just Sold” postcards of the homes as you sell them. This demonstrates to your expired listing leads that you have a good record, you are actively selling other homes and you are good at your job. This will begin to build up more interest and trust in the minds of your leads that perhaps you can be the one to sell their home.

Second, create a card that reveals the secrets to your success!

You don’t want to be bashful here! You’re not a salespersons, but it’s ok to uncover your methods here a bit. What marketing strategies do you incorporate that are successful? How persistent are you in reaching out to close deals with potential buyers? Basically, take away the mystery and tell the leads point blank what solutions you are offering to sell their property.

Third, create a card to highlight the quality of the service you provide!

Here, you want to describe how you will interact with your clients. Do you have a timeframe for returning calls? Put that guarantee on a card. Do you promise to make it easy for your leads to get out of a contract if it isn’t working? Put that promise on a card. Are you contentious to let the seller in on what’s going on with their property every few days or each week? Put that statement on your card.

You can utilize these postcards to effectively showcase your talentsrecord and character and market yourself as a trustworthy and competent real estate agent.

This is a great way to follow up after an initial phone call to or an in-person visit with a lead. It lets the expired listing know you remember their situation, you care, and you’d be the right fit for their needs this time around.


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