Write the Best Expired Listing Letter Today!

Are you in Brooklyn or Manhattan and looking for a great way to grow your real estate business? Want to branch out to a different demographic of potential clients? Expired listings are a great way to do just that. It’s a whole world of sellers that perhaps you haven’t tapped into yet. Or maybe you have, but you haven’t had the right tools to turn those expired listings to clients. Here are some tips for writing a killer letter to reach out to those expired listings in Brooklyn and Manhattan today!


1. Get in the mindset of the seller.

When writing a letter reaching out to these sellers, remember they have been through a lot. They probably just want to be done with real estate at this point and with realtors as well (especially if their house not selling was in part due to their past realtor). Tread lightly and with encouragement and hope. This letter is all about them. While you may need to promote your skills and abilities as a real estate agent, you want to still keep in mind it’s about them and their property.

2. Focus on the specifics of why their home didn’t sell and how to remedy that.

Dive in with data. Be specific in your facts and ideas. What in particular didn’t work the first time around and why? It could be any number of factors, including high price, bad listing photos, or a rushed and cluttered open house. Pointing out these factors in your expired listing letter can be useful if you keep that encouraging and hopeful tone. If you point out how it went bad, point out why you are the one to remedy those issues.

3. Include testimonials

This is gold in your expired listing letter and in marketing in general. Make it a habit to collect testimonials after each successful sale. Quickly record the clients speaking about the process right after the home sells, while the excitement is fresh. Keep these on hand and transcribe a few quotes that pertain to each expired listing. Include these in the letter as it shows your success and professionalism as well as giving real voices other than yours to speak for you.

4. Follow up

Perhaps the best advice when speaking about expired listing letters is to follow up. And keep following up. Sending the letter is a great first step but don’t leave it at that. Follow up with phone calls or dropping off packets or other information in person.

Use these tips to create your own expired listing template for a letter and personalize it for each listing. You’ll be on your way to growing your business and furthering your career in real estate.

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