Vacation Vibes to Help Expired Listings Sell

Are you a realtor in Manhattan or Brooklyn working with expired listings? Are you looking to help those listings sell this time around? It can be frustrating to say the least to try to sell a property that already didn’t sell one time around. However once you’ve obtained the expired listings, there are some things you can do to help jumpstart the sale. Creating a luxurious vacation vibe in the property will help buyers want to linger at the open house and keep it in their minds longer.


Stunning entryway

Creating a lovely first impression is key. One way to do this is through the entryway. Glam it up with a chandelier or statement light fixture. Put some chairs there for an immediate welcoming feel. If there’s space, use a table under the light and place a large vase of flowers on it. This gorgeous welcome space will stand out to potential buyers.

Intentional personal belongings

While less clutter is most definitely better, there’s nothing wrong with placing a few intentional belongings around the house on display. You’ll want to make sure the seller clears out their fridge drawings, piles of mail, shoes and knick-knacks. However, if there are art pieces or other personal belongings that really go with the décor, placing them as distinctive focal points can be a nice addition.

Mild, soothing colors

Bright, bold hues might be trendy right now, but you want to be careful if the seller has a lot of this color going on. It might have taken away from the home selling the first time around. Consider advising they paint a soft, soothing and neutral palate around the house. This helps buyers envision themselves in the space and doesn’t overwhelm the basic layout of the home.

Plush bedding

One great idea is to mimic the feel of a hotel. We all love walking into that luxurious hotel room and seeing the down comforter and pillows waiting for us. You can achieve a similar look for the sellers you are working with using down comforters, a neutral duvet cover and piles of pillows.

Lots of light

You’ll also want to ensure there aren’t any dark, scary or dingy corners to the property before you start showing it. Encourage the sellers to think light, bright and airy. Put in a couple extra lamps to corners if need be, use pendants or recessed lights in the kitchen and bathroom. If it’s not within budget to make any major changes, use mirrors strategically to brighten the space you have already.

Using these tips with expired listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn can help achieve a vacation like feel to these homes. Freshen the vibe and breathe new life into these properties.

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