Reasons why the Expired Listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn didn’t Sell

When a seller reaches the end of their current contract and their listing expires, it can be a disheartening and frustrating time. But that’s where you come in, as a real estate expert. Being able to speak to the concrete issues that may have contributed to that home not selling will help you also accurately assess what solutions will work. Here are 3 reasons why those listings might have expired and some plans to fix those issues.


1. Price is too high

Sometimes homeowners refuse to budge on a price they believe is fair. Oftentimes, this is because they are emotionally invested in their home (and rightly so). But without being able to look objectively at the comps and the housing market data available, it can lead them to be unbending on price. You may need to be upfront with an expired listing to really show them the data and why their home may not have sold for partly this reason.

2. House is cluttered for showings and open house

Another factor affecting the sale of a home is the clutter. Some sellers may not want to put memorabilia away in storage while they try to sell their home. But this is actually a huge factor. If the home is cluttered or filled with the family’s personal effects, it can be hard for potential buyers to picture themselves in the space. When it comes to selling, less is most assuredly more.

3. Listing photos are less than dazzling

The listing photos of a home are paramount to selling successfully and in a timely way. People research online. This is one of the first aspects of a home they see that may pull them in to keep clicking or let them pass it by. If this is part of a reason a listing expired, don’t be afraid to bring this up as an easily fixable part of the selling process.

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