Overcoming Objections You’ll Hear when Talking to Expired Listings

Working with expired listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn is a rewarding way to grow your business while at the same time helping sellers who have been disappointed finally reach their goal of selling their property! Before you can successfully sell these expired listings, you’ll need to overcome these common objections the sellers may have to trying again.


1. Why will it be any different with you?

One great way to overcome this objection is to talk about what sets you apart as an agent. Why do your methods work? What success have you seen thus far? Another good point to mention is that just because one real estate agent didn’t get the job done doesn’t mean they’re all bad. Each realtor is an independent contractor who works using different methods and problem solving strategies. Of course it will be different with you, and let them know why!

2. I don’t want to lower the price!

If price is truly an issue, it’s better to address this head on with honesty and optimism. You’ll need to use tact but also not try to sugar coat the truth. If the house didn’t sell in part because the price was too high, say that. Tell them the data of comparable homes and what they are actually selling for, how the market is doing, and how that influences home prices. Don’t try to persuade them their house is worth less, but rather why it won’t necessarily sell for what they think it’s worth.

3. There are other agents who are willing to help without lowering the price.

Yes, this is most likely true. Some agents will simply try to obtain the listing but either not be thinking about the problems that the high price will cause later on or think they can convince the seller to go lower after they sign with them. That’s why a straightforward answer about price early on could make you stand out among the rest. You’re not simply trying to get this seller to sign, but genuinely care about the sale of their property. Explain that your expertise will be valuable in negotiating the highest price possible and successfully selling in a reasonable amount of time.

Working to consider what you might say to help overcome these common objections will aid you in obtaining more expired listings in the Manhattan and Brooklyn areas.

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