Mistakes to Avoid when trying to sell an Expired Listing in Manhattan or Brooklyn

There are many factors contributing to why a property doesn’t sell and becomes an expired listing. In Manhattan and Brooklyn there are many expired listings that still very much want to sell their home or property. But they need the right real estate agent for the job and want to be assured that it will sell this time around. One great way to obtain the expired listing is to point out what may have gone wrong the first time around and how you will remedy those issues. Once you have the expired listing as your client, here are 3 mistakes to avoid to successfully sell the property.


1. Taking hasty pictures for the listing

This is important, especially if the pictures are lackluster or not professionally done the first time around. Even if the angles aren’t right or there’s clutter around, it can impact how the home sells. Take your time with the photos and hire a professional. Explain to your client how important this is. You want the home or property to be shown in the best possible light and with the key elements highlighted. Be sure to include those extras in the photos. Pool? Roof top garden? Updated bathroom or kitchen counters? Stainless steel? Showcase these aspects.

2. Rushing the marketing process

Besides taking your time to get the listing photos right, don’t rush the marketing process. Spending that extra time getting your promotional materials ready will help the house sell faster in the long run. Again, highlight the selling points of the home on a flyer or in the blurb on the MLS or other website listing. Write out your description and triple check it for spelling or grammar issues. You want everything promoting the house as professional as possible. People gravitate towards what is designed well.

3. Not listening to what went wrong the first time around

The last thing to pay attention to is that you listen to the seller and their concerns. This is an expired listing, so they are most likely beyond frustrated. They just spent how many months attempting to sell only to have the window slip by with the property unsold. Listen to what they think may have gone wrong. Do they think the previous realtor wasn’t available to talk to them or to potential buyers? Was their realtor not getting the postcards, flyers and open house information out in a timely manner? Was there issues with the house that weren’t addressed beforehand that might help it sell if resolved?

Carve out the time to listen to your expired listing client, examine the listing photos and carefully create your marketing materials. These 3 aspects will only help the listing sell successfully this time around.

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