Hot Tips for Selling this Summer in Manhattan and Brooklyn

The weather is heating up and with that comes certain challenges for selling homes. Especially if you’re working with expired listings in the Manhattan or Brooklyn areas, sellers want to sell quickly this time around. You can even mention some of these tips to expired listings while you’re still trying to persuade them that you are the right realtor for the job!


1. Plan creatively for your open house

Lots of people go out of town for long weekends away by a lake or in the country or visiting family. This may mean your typical weekend open house could be a flop. Try for a weekday late afternoon once work gets out for most to host your open house.

2. Advertise like crazy for your open house

Spread the word early for your open house as people are sometimes less plugged in to their devices over the summer or not looking at their calendars as frequently. Get the word out online through social media sites where everyone is bound to see. But also consider posting flyers around the neighborhood and in community gathering places like coffee shops or parks. This way you’ll be sure the most amount of people will be sure to see the signs.

3. Create a community event around the open house

Want to draw more people into an open house? Consider turning it into a rooftop party or BBQ on your patio. Bring in live music or hire a food truck. Something  that makes it exciting and a place for everyone to gather. This will help your listing spread by word of mouth as your neighbors and community members spread the news of your home being for sale. Offer to let guests tour the home right then in this fun atmosphere without a lot of pressure.

4. Highlight seasonal amenities

This time of year, with the heat and sun beating down, potential buyers are going to be very interested in what outdoor features your property comes with. Is there a rooftop garden? A patio or balcony to relax on in the evening? Any kind of small yard or deck to sunbathe? Highlight this information on your marketing materials as well as at the open house.

As well as features of the home itself, highlight what neighborhood amenities there may be. For example, is there a dog park nearby? Or are there easily accessible walking or biking trails?

Thinking early about your strategies to sell those expired listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn will help you obtain the expired listing as well as turn it to sold quicker!

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