Cringe-worthy Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid!

Sometimes the reason behind an expired listing not selling has to do with the previous agent’s mistakes. Other times, it may have more to do with the seller themselves. If it’s the second, you may need to have some of those harder discussions with the seller of the expired listing to tactfully explain where they went wrong. There’s a reason they’ve hired you this time around to help them sell, so be honest about these cringe worthy mistakes.

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1. Too many bad smells

A bad odor coming from the expired listing in Manhattan or Brooklyn? This is not a good selling point by any stretch of the imagination. And it’s something that can be remedied. When a potential buyer walks into a house reeking of smoke or pets or just overall smelling dirty, it distracts majorly from the home itself.

2. Too much personality

While a seller doesn’t need to completely remodel their home to try to sell it, they might need a fresh coat of paint over that eclectic orange wall. Or perhaps replace some of the pillows, rugs or décor on the walls. Less is more when it comes to selling, and toning things down with more neutral and soothing color palettes will help buyers see the home more for what it is than just those statement features.

3. Too many canceled showings

If the seller has canceled on showing appointments or just turned them down altogether because they were too busy, major red flag. They will need to make sure they’re available or if you as the real estate agent are doing the showings that everyone is on the same page.

4. Too much hovering during open houses

If the seller is hovering during the open house, following potential buyers around, it’s annoying to say the least. It puts unnecessary pressure on buyers and can make interested parties quickly become disinterested.

5. Too involved in the showings by real estate agents

If the sellers install cameras to watch their agent conduct showings with potential buyers, it limits the agent’s ability to build trust with the potential buyers. Let’s say the buyer comments on an aspect of the house he or she finds unfavorable. It’s nice for the agent to be able to agree that’s not the best feature without fearing they will offend the seller. Overall, reassure your expired listings that you’ve got it under control and they don’t need to spy on showings.

Encouraging the expired listings you’re working with in Manhattan and Brooklyn to avoid these common selling mistakes will help you start off on better footing to sell their property!

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