Crafting a Marketing Strategy for Success using Postcards: reaching the expired listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

It’s crucial to have a successful marketing strategy in place when reaching out to expired listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn. More than giving them the initial call once the listing has expired. More than a letter mailed out once. More than the initial drop by in person. These listings are worn thin and you need to market thoughtfully and with intention to turn these expired listings to clients and then to sold!

One such tool to have in your marketing toolbox is the postcard. You can use postcards to deliver a snippet of information. Craft precise cards detailing one aspect of who you are, what you offer or where you’ve been professionally. Create all three types of postcards and send them out at different times for maximum exposure and to keep yourself fresh in the minds of the expired listing.

Step 1: Postcard detailing who you are.

Give a couple bullet points of who you are as a real estate agent. Do you return calls on time? Do you have the availability in your schedule to take on a new client and still be able to give quality service? Are you someone who listens to the concerns of the seller and their frustrations? These questions can prompt you to fill out a postcard with a couple key aspects that make you unique as well as a stand out and successful realtor.

Step 2: Postcard detailing what you offer.

Here you can be more precise about what secrets you might have up your sleeve that allow you to successfully turn expired listings to sold properties. What marketing strategies do you employ to get the word out and out to a broad audience of potential buyers? Do you follow up with interested parties? Tell a couple of your secrets point blank on this card to pique the interest of the expired listing and give them hope that you might be able to sell their property.

Step 3: Postcard where you’ve been professionally.

Here you can put a couple short testimonial quotes from past happy sellers. Or put a statistic for the number of homes you’ve sold, or how long it takes you to sell homes (on average) once they’re on the market. This is about your record and what you have to show for your ability to deliver what you promise.

Follow these steps to create 3 different but useful postcards to send out to expired listings in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This can be an important aspect of marketing yourself to these listings.

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